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Lose weight and be beautiful

Many people suffer from weight gain. Exercise and diet can assist us with remaining in shape. But it also requires our interest.

For those of you who are trying to lose weight for a fit body, we regularly provide articles about exercise and diet. Listening to encouraging talk while trying to shape your body by following them will give you more strength to lose weight with dedication.

Too heavy, please
Excess bodyweight exceeding the age-appropriate height limit can lead to many problems. “Weight gain” is also a risk factor for high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and cancer, especially for those of us in the middle ages.

Now you do not know exactly what “weight gain” is. Here’s how it works. Look at your weight in kilograms, look at your height in centimeters. Now increase the height by the height, (sort by the height) and then divide the weight by this height. If the answer is 18-23, are careful. If the answer is over 23 you are overweight, and the aforementioned risks can occur. If the answer is over 27, you are in “extremely risky weight gain” and need to seek professional advice immediately to lose weight.

Suppose your weight is too high and we assume that there are about 25 answers. If so, you need to be prepared now to lose weight. The best thing to do is consult a nutritionist and get advice on what to eat, but we can make some preparations ourselves. This is what we are trying to say, some successful attempts,

  1. Cut down on sugar (there is no harm in not drinking extra sugar, and adding extra sugar is one of the principal explanations behind our weight gain. Reduce the amount you drink, and if possible, stop altogether, and get used to just drinking milk)
  2. Drop the flour (Remember that a mountain of rice is the root of diabetes. A small cup of rice with one and a half more. Fill the leftovers with vegetables, meat or fish. See if you can stop eating bread and flour.
  3. Drink water and eat rice. (If you can eat fruit before a meal, eat a vegetable salad, drink two cups of cold water, and then eat the leftover rice and vegetables)
  4. Sour (add a little vinegar to vegetables/salads)
  5. Eat without looking. (Do not eat while checking TV or phone. Eat while enjoying the amount of food you eat)
  6. Eat more calories in the morning than at dinner.
  7. Eat at least twenty minutes. (Rather than swallowing the fuss, take the time to keep the food in your mouth for better selling and grinding)
  8. Not before bedtime. (Do not go to bed immediately after dinner, go to bed a few hours after dinner. If you can eat at 7 pm, you can go to bed at 9 pm)
  9. Drink a cup of water before dinner (7.00 pm) before going to bed without eating again.
  10. Run at a speed of 30-45 minutes per day, slow down to 3 km / h and walk briskly.
  11. Measure and record weight at the same time once a week.

If these steps are followed properly, you can achieve a healthy weight loss of two kilograms per month. That way, if you are able to reach the prescribed safe weight limit, you will be able to alleviate existing health problems as well as adaptor delay future risky situations.

Now here are the results I personally got through these steps over the past month. That is, if you try hard, you can do this for yourself. But if you can’t make up your mind, you always have to say, “Oh, you can’t lose weight.” If so, give it a try.